Whenever I go to a Chinese restaurant I order Egg Drop Soup. I have tried other soups, but I always return to the Egg Drop Soup. Yum!
I was at my aikido class the other night when one of the students brought in his Chinese dinner and started eat while the rest of us were working out on the mat. The smell of the food had the rest of us drooling. I had a craving for Egg Drop Soup. I don’t even know if he had any there. I started working out in my head the recipe for a low fat version.

4 cups chicken broth
1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
1/4 tsp ginger
dash pepper
2 Tbsp corn starch
1/2 cup Egg Beaters

In a medium sauce pan, heat the chicken broth to boiling. Remove a 4 tablespoons of the chicken broth to a small cup. Add the soy sauce, ginger and pepper to the sauce pan.
Add the cornstarch to the small cup and stir to blend the cornstarch/chicken broth mixture into a slurry. Add this to the sauce pan and stir until mixture is thickened.
Remove the sauce pan from the heat. Slowly pour in the Egg Beaters while gently stirring.