green coffee bean max supplementGreen Coffee Bean Max is a weight loss supplement that assures a high percentage of weight loss without any type of workout induced. This ingenious supplement is made from natural green coffee since it has a higher content of chlorogenic acid which is the mystique in Green Coffee Bean Max’s exciting weight loss performance. Green Coffee beans are not roasted unlike the normal coffee which is roasted before consumption. Roasting removes nearly 90% of chlorogenic acid from coffee.

Chlorogenic acid slows down absorption of glucose from food intake and also activates metabolism of stored fat. This aspect is crucial to obese people since most of them dread the thought and experience of gym exercise or even having to cope with strict dietary principles. With this natural weight loss supplement however, one doesn’t have to worry about exercise or a strict diet since it holds fat reserves that would not be required by reducing the amount of sugar released into the blood stream. In a recent study, subjects lost an average of 18 pounds which is 10% of the overall body weight and 4.4% of overall body fat.

Apart from reduction of weight, Green Coffee Bean Max has various benefits which include:

  • Increase in thermo genesis: This occurs where there is boosted metabolism which leads to an increased production of heat. Chlorogenic Acid effectively targets specific fat deposits and not muscle tissue thus the fat lost is only stored fat.
  • Anti-aging benefits: As a supplement to weight loss, anti-aging is a benefit that would be deemed as the exquisite topping. Who would ever want to look old? Since Green Coffee Beans Max contains GCA (green coffee antioxidant), free radicals are greatly reduced. Free radicals are responsible for aging skin and have also been found to be cancerous.
  • Reduce chances of type 2 diabetes infections: Chlorogenic acid helps in curbing type 2 diabetes by regulating the amount of glucose intake and by taking just a simple natural pill you would be able to reduce this. In a recent study carried out by Dr. Joe Vinson it was discovered that there is 50% risk reduction for people who consumed seven cups of green coffee.
  • Effective for high blood pressure reduction: Consumption of 185mg or 93mg of Green Coffee Beans Max daily reduces high blood pressure within twenty eight days of treatment.

Green Coffee Bean extract
There are minimal side effects caused by green coffee like nausea, stomach upset and anxiety but green coffee is generally regarded as being possibly safe. All these effects are due to the caffeine contained in the coffee. With the discovery of chlorogenic acid and its amazingly enticing effects, one would wonder if Green Coffee Beans Max is the superbly natured answer for weight loss.

When it was first discovered, many weight loss experts were skeptical whether it works, but facts and figures don’t lie, they just had to change their stand and acknowledge that indeed Green Coffee Beans Max is the miracle supplement that every obese person would die to have.

I just have to wonder what I would do if I was to lose weight. Without a second thought, Green Coffee Beans max is what I would take, minimal side effects, assured weight loss in a short time, low risk of diabetes and low risk for high blood pressure this is the supplement for the present and future.

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